VR Lift


VR Lift is a Virtual Reality platform used for realistic forklift simulation training. This application was developed to provide employers with confidence that workers have been properly trained or to allow employers to train their employees in house on current or future equipment.

Users are guided through training by a built in guidance system, which shows them how to navigate courses as they train for testing and their final certification. Helping users understand how and where to steer a forklift, prepares them for unique and demanding real world situations but all within the safe confines of Virtual Reality.

Driver’s data to be tracked, capturing various styles, habits and potential risk to allow trainers to review at any time how participants are performing and provide all the information required to make hiring decisions.


  • Authentication System

    • Secure user credentials

    • Local login if no Internet Access

  • Licensing System

    • Unique device only license generation

    • License recognition

    • Time based registered licenses (Can expire)

  • Database - MS SQL

  • ASP.NET MVC Server

    • Data storage

    • User communication

  • Data Tracking

    • Easily adjustable value tracking

    • Local storage usage if no internet connection

  • Vehicle Simulation

    • Wheel Collider Physics

    • Dynamic Mass Distribution

    • Physics based motion systems

    • Collision Tracking

    • Proximity Sensors

    • Modular Vehicle Systems for quick creation

  • Dynamic Course Loading

    • Courses loaded using text information from Database

    • Stored locally for instances of no internet access

  • Procedural Course Generation

    • Course created based on grid

    • Tile-set of prefabs used

    • Multi-pass setup to ensure can complete

  • Companion Application

    • License registration

    • User registration

    • User editing

    • Data viewing

    • iOS & Android

  • Localization System

  • Audio - Audacity

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