Flappy: Blazeit


This project was created as a satirical game, making fun of the “MLG no scope” type videos that were popular on Youtube at the time this was created. This rendition a classic shooter mechanic aims to provide extremely simple game play mechanics, that are quick and easy to learn.


Power ups within the game provide players with an ever changing experience to keep game play from becoming dull. Earning and spending in game coins to unlock special abilities, or modes keep players coming back. 


Flappy: Blazeit was created for short bursts of play. I wanted to give players something to quickly play, but keep coming back.


  • Art, Created using ASEpriter & Photoshop

  • Sound, Audacity & Open Source Clips

  • Programming, Created using Game Maker

    • Dynamic Camera system

    • Trackable Statistics

    • Incrementing difficulty and spawning system

    • Fun weapon systems

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