Using F.I.T as part of training allows a workforce to experience an entirely new side of training. Virtual Reality allows employees to train without distractions and be more involved than traditional training methods. F.I.T recreates operations and equipment based on client requirements and budget giving their business full control of their training.

F.I.T  teaches processes in a controlled, repeatable environment reducing variation and improving quality


  • Data Tracking

    • Easily adjustable value tracking

    • Local storage usage

    • Modular to allow use over multiple scenarios

  • Physical interaction system

  • Modular Physical Object manipulation

    • Levers

    • Wheels

    • Bolts

    • Screws

    • Tools

  • Fluid piping

    • Measurable flow of fluids through meters

  • Complex Assembly of mechanical objects

    • Forced order of assembly or disassembly

  • Modular Training system

    • Step-by-step walk-through

    • Varying & Increasing  degrees of difficulty

    • Testing system to mark users

    • Improved user experience

  • Manipulation Feedback

    • Haptic & Audio cues when assembling machines

  • Localization system

    • Integrated with Google Translate

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